No,  I haven’t died.

The story boils down to … I just procrastinate*. Yes, that is the true explanation for not tending to these pastures for almost 100 days, which is centuries if you live in the Internet like we all do.

On the death of Nelson Mandela, an interview with Michel Serres and a promise to follow this, you WILL be receiving more posts from the flyingadolescent.

Nelson Mandela was a great man, and will always be relevant as all great people are; in their ideas, their legacy and their actions.

Following your original objective for something –  even though this blob is infinitesimal compared with his life’s purpose (0.000000000000000001nanometres on the influential scale), I am continuing with it.

And the million other examples he set that only pertain to real life, will hopefully soon become apparent in mine.

Michel Serres prompted me to think, deeply and abstractly,  as I read his interview in 032c #25, the first issue I have ever bought and will cherish because e v e r y t h i n g  in it has sent sparks off in my brain.

IMG_7901IMG_7894 IMG_7900IMG_7902

The interview weaved through subjects and quasi-objects, the absence of distance, epiphanies through rugby and need for new political institutions. A mind-bending three pages, the exploration of ideas akin to looking down a vast yet familiar rabbit hole (some of which may be in this speech he gave).

However, his newest book Petite Poucette is only available in French. And so I need to know enough French to read it which will come in a few years. I could try now though…

Other tidbits:

I went to Comme des Garcons Market Market and spent most of my money.IMG_7829I am now into minimalist electronic music and techno, which is quite weird since I remember a few years ago when I first listened to Powell and exclaimed, ‘This isn’t music, it sounds like the constant reverb from a cough.’

I saw Nicolas Jaar live in concert. At the Barbican. My (really, no one’s) corner of the auditorium became a space for those who actually came to dance.


*I understand these returns keep on happening as I come back to this blob like a long-lost therapist. They are going to stop. I will book weekly visits.


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