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As the new AW13 collections arrive in stores, the western world is still in summer. Buying now for later is something I have been coerced into to get what I want as good stock sells out by the middle of September. Namely Supreme offerings, where the staff seem only to be actually doing their job on release days providing the queue stretches the whole of Peter Street, and teasing myself by browsing in Dover Street Market. There, everything I could possibly ever want is in one place over 6 floors. Even Sacai Mens and of course Comme des Garçons Homme Plus. Something I did not know was that Comme des Garcons collaborate with Dr Martens for all their collections, the more niche ones like Tricot and Ganryu included. The staff are the best kind of helpful, knowing when to leave you alone and then when to advise or chat.

Also, I tried on some Raf. Oh, the desire for said Puss-In-Boots sleeveless pullover is still with me as I write.

But since it is summer, a summer of weird sorts in London, here is something I found interesting through online discovery:

An accessory worn by Stephen Mann, a creative director, at a men’s fashion week and promptly photographed by Tommy Ton, who designated Mr. Mann as being part of the ‘most stylish men’, caught my eye. As he was photographed no less than four times in the same outfit, I think it is safe to say that he’s onto something.

The holster vest, as pictured below, is a garment I only know of to, hopefully, ensure my safety while traipsing around the nether regions of Chicago . BUT this, as fashion has re-appropriated many items of functional use, this originating from a grotesque part of modern global culture, has morphed into a great new thing to wear. Its problem solving capabilities are innumerable.

Going to a Danny Brown gig/ acid house rave and don’t want lose everything you take with you? The holster vest has zips and keeps your t-shirt firmly in contact with your chest.

Have to take essentials on a hot summer’s day, have to be Tommy Ton-ready but don’t want to have to lug your Eastpak x Raf Simons backpack (no not this one*, obvs the original from 2008…) ? The holster vest is light and has a racer-back.

Need to hold your wallet, but have no garments with pockets because of your ultra-minimalist aesthetic? The vest is here to stash your cash, in multiple pockets!

And as most fashion appropriations, transformations trends and tidbits; Raf did it a decade ago.

I would get this before it inevitably sells.

SSENSE, too, stocks a pricey Maison Martin Margiela iteration, with a more utilitarian look than the one Mr. Mann favours, or for more street cred the real thing can be bought here. Nothing else like staying original!

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Navy blue ribbed cargo holster vestMAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Navy blue ribbed cargo holster vestMAISON MARTIN MARGIELA Navy blue ribbed cargo holster vest

UPDATE (26/08/13): oki-ni have the same Maison Martin Margiela vest in stock


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