Life isn’t black or white… it’s grey. People who try and live by one idea alone, stubbornly refusing to compromise, tend to be uninspired and one-track minded. The key is to look around, to be influenced by different people, several schools of thought and completely opposite styles. By embracing this sartorial, intellectual and philosophic mish mash, you’ll find your own unique approach to life and clothes. Somewhere in the middle something new and exciting will be born.

A fittingly articulated manifesto for my life and idealistic approach to dressing by David Hellqvist, who has styled a great editorial advert for the man believing in “Techno Tailoring”. I have seen many online editorials try to come up with interesting ideas but play it safe or blatantly please their advertisers.The styling creativity is what makes this shoot stand out, and it seems these type of online shoots, linked to a specific store, have many advantages that mainly free creativity.

One criticism is that I do feel a bit that the idea could have been developed further if he had used items in ways different to their original functions, in the “mish mash”, however unlikely as the clothes have to be seen in a recognisable form to be sold. Let’s not forget as great as this editorial is, it’s advertising.

I cannot see much else that is less than great. The proportions are just right, with just right ankle to shoe ratios in each photograph and a bold balance of colour, especially in the pairing of a white shirt with Thom Browne sweatpants. Bold in its simplicity and easiness. That look is perfectly futuristic and smart-casual.

A ‘cool’ pop of blue with the 5 panel cap adds a nice touch to the tonal outfit and layering. I checked to see who invented this style of hat, but guessing from the dearth of any useful information, it was probably someone a long time ago and only in the last six years have they been popularised by Supreme.

The photography is surprisingly good, all with atmospheric angles exaggerating pensive views, and I think the choice of interspersing the character with an industrialised, technocratic setting relates his ideas to today’s structural society.

What is quite interesting is that as I relate to the idea, because I have tried some of these looks before, like with the long johns/running tights underneath shorts but instead with a long coat to keep me warm when I wore them in winter. I wear most things with trainers so that’s a given but he went a bit further with the über-stylish Paul Smith bomber jacket being paired with sweatshorts and short tights, which looked great with the brown Dr Marten brogues. Here, the shoes made most of the looks. The contrast in the ways of dress is something I’m interested in and also how seemingly mundane items can be turned into anything but in different situations.

Oh, and the clothes. Aside from the Raf Simons grunge long coat that makes my eyes burn with jealousy (bad, I know), the Porter briefcase, which I have no use for as of now,  is so minimal and compact it seems the designers were focused on creating a needed item and not one with a million extraneous elements. Nike Gyakusou, designed by Jun Takahashi of Undercover, appears throughout the shoot, as the most obvious technological aspect of apparel and is the only technical collection I have seen that I would actually like to wear because it actually looks good and not like a hyper-chavvy space-agey uniform. I went running yesterday and really wished I had the Gyakusou to warrant some awesome side-eye. I also have an eye on something like the A.P.C two-button patch-pocket blazer.

Due to the age old financial conundrum, I have to emulate this amazingness through eBay, vintage/second-hand (unwanted clothes, old/dead people’s clothes, clothes people have had sex in, whatever the haters want to call it) stores, and miscellaneous reasonable sources.

I will post later some of my finds.


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