Raf Simons Trainers

I have kept it quite quiet on this blog so far but I really love shoes, trainers, derbies, boots, sandals, sneakers, and the like. You can never have too many shoes in my opinion

When I wrote on Raf Simons’ AW13 collection, I highlighted the trainers that were offered because they were so darn good. I was also yet to learn that these were made in collaboration with adidas, even better as I presume they will be less expensive. This has been a trend in Raf Simons shows to offer high fashion clothing with more accessible accessories. The running trainer phenomenon started in AW12 when he collaborated with Asics on a dark palette of greens, black, blue and grey with minimal branding. Pelayo of katelovesme wears them:

I want those leather shorts

CORRECTION: Probably not in 2012, as he first collaborated with Asics for AW09, which coincidentally was the season that shifted most from the more emotionally charged collections of the 90s and 00s

Then for SS13 they became snazzier with metallic and coloured stripes on a white background interweaving on the same trainer style. I both because they were two distinct styles that look good and are assumingly comfortable, but I think the SS13 variant appealed to me more because they were so much more detailed and look like the same high level of craftsmanship that goes into the clothes, went into the trainers. A nice sight, as most trainers are simple produced and unimaginatively designed. They can be found at thecorner.com along with other covetable SS13 items. Also I have seen on Machine-A’s twitter that the range has just arrived in stock too.



For AW13, the quality has slightly decreased but he has produced still great trainers, fusing his design and Adidas technology together.

A total of five models in three colorways each have been designed based on Adidas signature high-end performance outdoor and running silhouettes. The all-black models use multicolored silicone bubbles in rose, green, blue, or burgundy accentuating the shape of the shoe by creating visual depths.

It looks stylish and technical and therefore futuristic. There is so much to the shoe that I just.Want.To.Have.It.NOW!
oki-ni, the online menswear store, showcased the designs at their re-see in Paris and A$AP Rocky wore them. The photos from sneakernews.com show more of the collection. I really hope these will be under £80 at retail because they will sell out and I cannot, as usual, wait until the sales. 2015 UPADTE: They weren’t even near that price: they cost £265 when they came out!!

Also, the designer of the lovely presentation tables has now been revealed to be as Filip Thijs for Kanefas. He said that they were designed and created by him in 2012, for Raf Simons.

‘Raf asked me to design and make 8 tables in the style of Jeanneret and other mid-fifty design furniture, Raf has in the showroom.’

My favourite

Raf Simons x adidas

A$AP Rocky in Raf Simons x adidas

UPDATE (24/3/13): Hapsical has uploaded better photographs of the trainers in a Raf Simons showroom post, and I love how they are arranged in in desirability from top to bottom.

Here are some of the main line offerings, with the boots that I thought were shoes on the runway. They are even more interesting now, a mix of functional and fashionable, the most stylish wellington boot:


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