Marni AW13

I am the Marni man, or at least I would like to be. So just to be clear, this is not a review, just a gushing of my unadulterated love for Marni. I have been a fan for quite a few seasons now as I would wear everything, EVERYTHING, without exception that are in their menswear collections. Always so refined, with colour in the right places and hues to make garments look beautiful. They are so easy to style and make your own because they are simple and minimal but still retain the Marni aesthetic. Consuelo Castiglioni, the creative director of Marni, is one of my favourite designers (check my about page) because of this and unsurprisingly has continued to do so for AW13. This season, my future wardrobe comes in black and burgundy, patent leather military boots; salopettes other than for skiing; two-tone jumpers; hide backed rain coats (kinda ironic as unprotected hide is not supposed to get wet); portfolio;  patterned trousers and slick, sharp, 3 button suits with polka dot shirts.

The good thing about Marni is that even though it is way out of my price range, it is not abhorrently (it’s cashmere, but for a cardigan: really?!?!?!?) expensive as most other good designers are. Jumpers retail for £200-£500 and t-shirts at around £90-150. I was really disappointed when last year I couldn’t get anything from the Marni and H&M collab; the prices were great but the time it was released was not. All the items in my size were sold out by the time I got home from school. 😦

Anyway. Marni is great. For so long, to have kept the same look but still keep it fresh, relevant and desirable is no mean feat, though Castiglioni seems to pull it off effortlessly.

UPDATE 19/01/13: The Sartorialist has posted more photos of the collection, with detail shots too.

Whole collection because I love it soooooooo much:


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