Renew Year


2012. S**t, now it’s 2013.
Time has flown perceptively over the last year, feeling slow but going quickly. I have had a good year in 2012, a lot of good and not a lot of not good. My French Exchange last May was kinda like the best week of my life;  I had sooo much fun with friends,  PROPER FRIENDS, out there I wish that this year brings a week or more like that. I did more last year too, less looking to see what others have done or are doing and more thinking about myself and what I can do. I think it was Karl Lagerfeld who said after one of his ever praised Chanel shows that what matters is what he is doing and not what he has done, and that we must keep ‘doing’ to stay relevant in the world. That totally resonated when I read that, however many months ago, and I have applied it as much as I can in daily life. It keeps me on my toes, always doing something. I started this blog because I  will always have to write to keep it alive.

I also started this blog to express myself more. I think it has partially worked, as I have tried to dress limitlessly with me thinking less of what society will see but what I see and what is true to me and how I feel. My choices when buying clothes have not been frivolous like years past and a focus on what I think will last has been placed on everything I do. It seems quite weird to me that a 14 year old would like things to last but I only think that’s because others have made it so teenagers are thought of as of having short-sighted thoughts, and therefore objects.

I wanted to express myself more because 1. I felt restricted. I think most of it was self-imposed because I was thinking of what other people will see me as when I wear what I wear. Before last year, I thought of myself as a really stylish, knowledgeable person; which I was but only in my mind but not in my actions. To any other I looked probably like a normal teenager; my parents may disagree but that is how I felt. The time spent blog reading (more on that later) and the accumulation of good style ideas was never put to use and I thought that a person like me, surfing the fashion Interwebs in the comfort of my own bedroom, could never aspire to the outfits and items that Tavi, Pharell, Sam Lambert, people featured on the Sartorialist and who shopped at Opening Ceremony. But see I went to Opening Ceremony and saw that it can be easily done. Though I didn’t buy anything as the most things were WAY OUT of my budget (£50… A t-shirt, cap and keyrings were all that were available to me but now their sale is now on so I should pop into the store), I finally saw, with my own two eyes, that style is only restricted by imagination; not money. So as I walked out hands swinging, I went to Rokit.

I also wanted to express myself more because of my persistent blog reading. I think I could be a blog historian as I started reading just fashion ‘websites’, not knowing they were blogs, around 9 to 10  when my interest in fashion burgeoned into to something more profound. I continued for about 2 years having a cycle, checking Tavi, then Garance, The Sartorialist,, Susie Bubble and Jak & Jil Blog, admiring the style set and what they did and what was ‘cool’. I mainly focused on looking at women’s fashion then, probably because I was unaware of interesting menswear blogs, but mainly because I felt that menswear was quite strict, uniform like and unemotional; fashions of the Pitti set felt unattainable; whereas the women I saw photographed used clothes to express their personality to great aplomb. Secondary school came and I missed whole seasons and work became my main time consumer, pushing everything else to the sidelines. I started back with the fashion merry-go-round when I felt like I had settled in secondary life and only  then did I start viewing the menswear collections, and only when I started did I see the ‘light’. I still read blogs, both underground and more well known, but I have  a more critical eye as I have my own and as I see what ideas can be taken and built upon to be my own. New ideas spring from old ones. I saw this look on the Sartorialist:

Winter Shorts

via The Sartorialist

  • Shorts. In Winter. I know. HOW INGENIOUS! And he looks great. I tried a variation of this with long johns and a 3/4 length khaki short and I didn’t even notice the cold. Though others noticed my legs. Thinking about it, it’s not that radical; male and female runners go out each day in winter in light shorts and running tights. What he (and I) did was take an untapped athletic aspect and make into something more stylish and sartorial. I’ll post a pic when I go out in that look again.

I realised I learned some things  from reading these blogs; that the best ones are true to the writer/s. Originality is the most respected quality in a blog. I admire the blogs with the best design, I relate to the ones with the personal stories and content (More on this on this here). My blog is an attempt at an hybrid of the two… whether I succeed, I’ll only know when I have probably finished with this blog ( and move on to a 6 – 7 figure salary at a fashion/design/culture related job that makes me travel!) or someone else I respect raves about it.

Last year I tried a new year’s resolutions and some worked e.g. the doing more and going places, but some were a flash in the pan e.g. eating healthier. I saw this video of the faux-journalists at Access Hollywood interviewing Tavi and what she did gave me an inspirational boost so much so that I wrote this ‘Lessons from Tavi’ list all derived from the interview. A bit creepy some may say but meh…


This year I will commit to some others also :

  1. Blog more. Twice a week minimum. I have been lousy so far and need to post more. All that is needed is TIME MANAGEMENT, ideas are abundant.
  2. Selflessness is needed for a better me and a better world.
  3. If I see something that I can get/do/be/see/wear/try, but needs effort to get there, GO DO IT.

Learn from the past, live for today, plan for the future…


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