Omar Campbell’s Style Advice

Omar Campbell x Street Level Culture (featured centre)

Omar Campbell x Street Level Culture (featured centre)

I saw this interview about Omar Campbell, a designer working in Jersey City for which there is a web editorial (a new term that I am coining), on, which is new and quite good with their interesting interviews and bold, boundary pushing views on modern style although a few of their ‘SLC’ selections are not that tasteful:


Just no. I think the person in the brackets represents the ‘not’ missing in the sentence

Though others are better:


simple and cool

Omar talks about his views on other people’s views of what he wears and also what he tries to achieve in his clothing. He is one of the first designers that I have seen using recycled materials, bought from thrift and vintage shops, to be used and reworked in his garments. This also means that his clothes are super-exclusive and produced in limited quantities. His next sale dates (all in New York, sorry guys) are featured on his website.

His style advice resonates with me and what I do when I get dressed. Push boundaries. Try new things but always stay true to my style. I don’t really care about other reactions to what I wear since I’m the one wearing the clothes and it is up to me to decide if what I wear is ‘right’ or not. He includes some notes; ‘Embrace what’s trending for the opposite sex; it’s coming your way soon’ that I have talked about that in this blog post and have now really tried to push that in my dressing. It’s a fine line though, between looking masculine and  androgynous and not too feminine. I think he stays on the more masculine side of that line with outfits like these, which fuse masculine sensibility (bow tie, waistcoat) with new style techniques (tights, kilts, loadsa layering):

He also says not follow rules; ‘rules are for fools’,  but by reading his list of  ‘advice’, and absorbing what he is saying, you are kind of doing the opposite
Also he says ‘If you only wear what you find to be comfortable your style is stagnant’, which I beg to differ in the case of ADR

(Omar Campbell’s) Advice:

    1. Fit is EVERYTHING
    2. Wearing over-sized clothing doesn’t make you look smaller.
    3. If your clothing is too tight it will look cheap.
    4. You can wear as many colours as you want at one time as long as they are all solid.
    5. You can wear as many patterns as you want at one time as long as you know what you’re doing.
    6. If you feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing it won’t look good.
    7. If you only wear what you find to be comfortable your style is stagnant.
    8. Embrace what’s trending for the opposite sex; it’s coming your way soon.
    9. If no one yells at you on the street your look could have been better.
    10. Those who lack the words to express that your look has invoked a certain feeling often just lash out.
    11. Your personal style overrides all fashion edicts (even mine).
    12. Fashion has transcended season-appropriate colours. (i.e. No white after Labor Day)
    13. Rules are for fools.
    14. Wear what you like; just be clear about the message you send.
    15. The best looks are those that draw inspiration from a variety of sources, have multiple references, and embrace varied price points.
    16. If everything you have on is expensive you most likely look like a caricature.
    17. Don’t be a billboard.
    18. Mixing high and low, traditional and avant-garde, expected and unexpected brings balance to your effect.
    19. Never pay full price, unless you are sure it will sell out soon.
    20. You have shopping karma.
    21. If you knock something off a rack pick it up.
    22. Hang your clothing in the fitting room and return it to the attendant.
    23. Never, never, never steal; ever!
    24. Be kind to whomever is helping you; they can hook you up.
    25. Don’t try too hard when you get dressed, it will look forced.
    26. If you can’t make the look you started with happen, then just start over.
    27. If you are running out of time put on a look with which you’ve already had success.
    28. Just have fun!!!
    29. Getting dressed should be an exploration of self-expression.
    30. Everything you’re trying to say has already been said, reference it and it will read more clearly.

I added another one:

  • Make you own!  ( please insert in comments)

Mine is to try something unknown everyday

Here is the interview


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