Fashion Week Internationale – Seoul



Fashion Week Internationale could not be any better. Honestly. The presenter, Charlet Duboc, is great at interviewing people and also asking them questions may would not dare, without seeming ignorant or obnoxious. She gets the story and the truths behind the story from the people who are influencing what she is reporting, while some other fashion reporters might just give their views.

This episode is on Seoul Fashion Week, which is one of the edgier fashion weeks (which is why Opening Ceremony honoured Korea as their ‘featured‘ country this year!!), and also has a big hanryu (K-culture to the unintiated) influence, both ways, with many designers responsible for different band’s images and with musicians being designers muses. It’s so great to see how a fashion week has effects on things other than fashion and also the main cultural differences and similarites between them. However, this episode is way less about the fashion than other episodes and more about the culture.

Normally on Fashion Week Internationale, Charlet features the main trend in fashion and also what is going on in the country’s fashion scene at the moment. In Jamaica, she reported on skin-bleaching and in Seoul, she reports on plastic surgery, mainly double eyelid surgery, and its commonplace in South Korean, if not Asian, society and how South Koreans are trying to achieve that ‘Western’ look. An interesting watch for any, even those uninterested in fashion.

‘Fashion weeks so intriguing and original, you’ll think we made them up.’

I almost cried at the Starcraft-lovers. SO CUTE!!

Though, the end really shocked me, the truth was so apparent.


3 responses to “Fashion Week Internationale – Seoul

  1. really like this program! especially about seoul,been there and thought it was a real interesting episode, i did write an article about it on my blog , about their plastic surgery and such! 🙂

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