Hi its mah birthday!! November 1 to the uninitiated. Today was amazing, mainly for the fact that I got a laptop, on which I am writing this post on 30 mins before my birthday ends,  and freaked and geeked out. Its a Dell, but a good one and has 1TB of space; for me to fill up! Also, its so zippy and quiet, I love it! Ah, no more blog procrastination (hopefully…) This gift is the kick up the ass I needed* to get me to post more often. I need to express myself more I’ve learned, and not think what other people will think of my style choices because I’ll end up here, GOD FORBID.


I went to Paris a few days ago and fell in love with the city, it’s so gorgeous. I got to go the the top of the Arc de Triomphe and saw Paris in its entirety. You could see all the sights from that point; the Louvre, Sacré-Coeur, Tour Eiffel, Centre Pompidou, Le Grand Palais (where Chanel shows all their main collections), Avenue Champs-Elyseés… Just Beautiful. I want to go again BADLY.

I saw the Celiné store on :

75016 PARIS

Celiné Store

The photos are kind of grainy and blurred and obscure and crappy but, hey, I was crossing the road in the dark. Parisian roads, where they will knock you down at an amber/if you’re walking too slowly. I also took some touristy photos that came out alright like :

Le Tour Eiffel

l’Arc de Triomphe avec une parisienne

While looking out of our tour bus in La Villette (19er) , I saw this

Space Invader

The street artist who does these game character mosaics, mainly space invades coincidentally calls himself Invader, is quite prolific and has put up his signature in loads of  major world cities; 39 it says on his Facebook page.  He is very elusive and prefers to keep his real identity secret, like another great street artist; Banksy. I find his mosaics cool and nostalgic, and also very mischievous  as to where he places his art.

But this was the main reason I fell in love with Paris

Paris at Sunset

*I’ve got some posts in the works (Tokyo, Exhibitions…) but they are quite research intensive and will post in the near future.


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