Richard Nicoll SS13 Menswear

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Richard Nicoll SS13

Richard Nicoll SS13

I was looking at the Richard Nicoll SS13 womenswear collection (which is quite good, I have to say but I felt like it was missing something…) on when in the review it has a reference to his menswear SS13 collection being an  ‘unequivocal critical smash’. Whoa. So I checked it out and agreed that this was the apt description because I WANTED EVERY SINGLE PIECE IN THAT COLLECTION!

The cuts were so simple yet effortless and everything looks like its for a modern man’s ( wardrobe, rather than just suits and ties like other menswear designers. It looks as if there were some silk shirts in there too and from going to Opening Ceremony (which officially opened today with a Chloë Sevigny + Humberto Leon +Carol Lim book signing) and feeling a Patrik Evrell silk printed shirt; they are utterly light and easy to wear.He used a clean colour palette which I think was a good choice because it was just what is needed for his first foray into menswear and proved effective. The embroidered paisley print shirt that was used in a few looks fit well into the overall aesthetic of the collection  as it was not too flashy if used sparingly but could give an onslaught if reworked with other prints.

19 looks were presented which is minimal compared to other menswear shows that sometimes push 50 looks but these were perfectly edited to show what is needed in a summer wardrobe. A piece I particularly like was the yellow leather biker/anorak jacket which is to die for. The mix of 2 different styles in one item works perfectly and I think that he has hit the nail on the head in terms of precision with the jacket. The bomber jacket’s are also a personal favourite and I like the shorts which are all the same just-right cut but in different materials. The shoes were where he could have done a little better, but those were passable and unnoticeable when next to the clothes.

To reiterate, this collection fits perfectly within my style and the style that I want to achieve, kind of an easy effortlessness. In 6 months time, I’m going to have to scour the internet ( and perhaps London) to find a retailer where I can salivate over these beautiful clothes.

Richard Nicoll SS13 MenswearRichard Nicoll SS13 Menswear


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