Vintage Sunday

Last Sunday (19 Aug) I went vintage for the first time. Well technically it was the first time in London because I went vintage shopping in Lyon and got a camouflage print t-shirt. The best thing I like about that top is that it’s an AUTHENTIC camo print. Some brands are coming out with camo prints that are kinda disgusting and look like baby puke (see the Herschel Supply Co. bag , I like the brand because they design good and sturdy bags but what were they thinking with this one?)

Good Camo

Bad Camo

Though Dries Van Noten has come out with an excellent version for his S/S 13 collection though I was surprised because Dries Van Noten normally predicts trends e.g double denim, rather than following them.

Good Camouflage by Dries Van Noten S/S 13

Denim at Dries Van Noten S/S 11

Anyway besides the little digression, I went vintage shopping in and around Brick Lane/Shoreditch with my friend Tochi (he doesn’t blog). We walked around for quite a bit and first we went into the Beyond Retro on Cheshire Street . It was quite big in there but not as big as I thought it was going to be. There was a HUGE rack of t-shirts and sweatshirts and some cool jumpers. There was a denim section and also a random organ. (!?) The clothes selection was quite good as there was quite a lot of 80’s and 90’s T-Shirts and also the denim section was quite cool however the layout of the shop was kinda confusing with menswear and womenswear mixed up with few signs in the shop. However I managed to find a Christian Dior V-Neck Sleeveless Knit for only £18! I’m kinda dumbfounded for why I didn’t buy it. The prices of the clothes in the store was not varied and easy to understand with sweats @ £20, T-shirts @ £16 and jumpers @ £18-25 and so on though quite expensive when compared to other places I visited. I did not take any pictures though this is what it looks like from the outside, courtesy of

Beyond Retro

I did buy a T-Shirt which kinda reminded me of Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci’s panther print for some reason. You probably won’t see the correlation but anyway…

Then after spending a mostly wasted 45 mins there, I walked up further to Rokit on Brick Lane. I went in the bigger one (don’t know if its 101 or 107) because I passed the smaller one straight while running to the nearest shop as it was pouring down with rain but just before the sunshine had seemed endless (typical London weather). There it was packed with people escaping the rain, but since they weren’t shopping it was easier to look for stuff. There wasn’t as much clothes as in Beyond Retro though the selection and more importantly prices were better. For example I found sweats for £9, a rack of macs for £25 each and also the t-shirt I bought was only a fiver, which is kind of unprecedented. Other things were more expensive though the price range was more varied and good bargains could be found. I liked the layout of the store with men’s on one side and women’s on the other. There was loads of ‘on-trend’ stuff like denim turn up shorts, tie-dye t-shirts and military jackets. It was a small store and so the stuff is tightly packed but neatly organised so good items can be found. Again no photos of the store as I didn’t take my camera (silly me!) but I did buy this t-shirt. I like it because of the colour blocked grey and black and also the baseball tee style. Also, it’s oversized and looks really good with jeans and converse trainers.

After spending another 45-60 mins there which were not mostly wasted I went to Blitz on Hanbury Street. This store was the best by far of all the three famed vintage shops I went into on that day because it trumped the other stores on mostly everything. It was more expensive than Rokit however the store was huge (9,000 sq ft over 2 floors!) and the selection was ace! There are dedicated books and accessories sections and also an in-store cafe. I can’t recommend anything in the cafe  as I didn’t get anything in the cafe but its supposed to be good. Yeah, back to the store. It was extremely well organised and neat with jeans, accessories, coats, old vintage, bomber jackets, some womenswear and the cafe on the first floor and menswear and more womenswear on the bottom floor. The staff were friendly and helpful and the store was beautiful. I know I’ve repeated that but the store is epic compared to Beyond Retro and really good when compared to Rokit. I thought the menswear section was quite small compared to the womenswear but sufficient.I wanted to buy lots from Blitz though I had spent £21 of my available £60. I bought two plain sweatshirts, black and navy blue, in the end because they fit me well and were both £18. That was also the same price the t-shirts, which were better than most in the other vintage stores, in Blitz but since AW is coming up I thought I better prepare. There are some photos of the shop on the store’s blog ( so I’ll post them here.

Blitz London Store

And these are the two sweats that I got.

They fit like 80’s/90’s jumpers which I suppose they are: exact on the hips and wrists though wide through the chest section.

I like Blitz the best but hey, I only went into 3 vintage stores that day. I definitely have to go back again to Brick Lane because the shops were really good and also I didn’t even get to see most of it. Plus, the clothes are cheaper than going to chain stores even though I love American Apparel and Uniqlo.

That’s what matters when you’re a broke teenager!!!


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