Uniqlo + Undercover

The Uniqlo Undercover logo on the blouson jacket

The A/W 2012 Uniqlo Undercover collection is coming out (@ 9am on the online store) tomorrow and I want everything in it bad. I really do! But I don’t have nearly enough money to buy anything that I would like because I spent all my money on vintage wares in Brick Lane last Sunday. And I thought I was being clever, buying (sorta) cheap vintage clothes but I was in fact stupid to realise to SAVE some money for the UU collection. Here are the pieces that I want:

UU Bikers Jacket

UU Utility Coat (in colour pictured or dark blue )

UU Micro Fleece Hoodie (in colour pictured or purple)

UU Graphic 3/4 T-Shirt B

UU Merino Cashmere V Neck Cardigan

UU Heavy Flannel Check Long Sleeve Shirt

UU Skinny Fit Jeans

I really like the Utility Coat because of the large pockets and the shape so that it can fit over another jacket if needed. But its £129.90. The cardigan is really simple and a merino/cashmere mix for only £49.90, it a steal! I might be able to get two pieces of the collection, but both have to be under £50 which means I’m never going to get that coat.  I already have 3 pieces, a jacket, hoodie and a t-shirt, from the S/S 12 collection and I wear them all the time. I really love the blouson jacket because its so lightweight and you can fold it to be smaller than a magazine. ( The black cylindrical thing at the bottom is the handle of a running bike that I haven’t used in a while (6+ months)

I like how Jun Takahashi (designer at Undercover) styled the coat with another coat and turn up lazy chinos. The shoes are to die for but sadly not sold in the collection. It looks a lot like the mainline Undercover clothes that I ultimately would like to get in the distant future, with a kinda distressed rich hobo look going on.

Jun’s Style for UU

Undercover AW 12

His clothes for Undercover are also way more provocative and meaningful than the ones he designs for Uniqlo, with many items having the motto ‘Fuck the past, Fuck the future’ in very neat handwriting supposedly to be ironic. You can even get a whole ‘Fuck…’ outfit with shoes, a t-shirt, bags and accessories. All you need are trousers to complete it (or a skirt). That makes his clothes even better for me because they have a meaning and aren’t just there too look good. The style is very Japanese and individual which is what I love about Undercover clothes they are also very innovative and versatile, also like Yohji Yamamoto, though Jun Takahashi’s clothes are more vibrant and ‘cool’.

‘Fuck the past’ ‘Fuck the future’ Shoes

‘Fuck the past’ ‘Fuck the future’ Wallet

‘Fuck the past’ ‘Fuck the future’ Bag

‘Fuck the past’ ‘Fuck the future’ T-Shirt

Yohji Yamamoto look

Undercover AW 12

I really do love this bomber jacket with the hood and the whole look is cool too, especially the desert boots. The only (reputable in UK) place online that I know sells Undercover is oki-ni.com. They also sell other Japanese brands but LN-CC has more Yohji Yamamoto. Dover Street Market in London also sells Undercover.

Undercover AW 12

Undercover AW 12 (including shoes) pictures from hypebeast.com, UU collection photos from uniqlo.com, all others mine


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