Hello world!

Hello readers of my blog, Flying Adolescent. If you’re confused on why I called the blog that it’s because when I’m inspired I feel like flying, metaphorically and physically, and adolescent because that’s what I am. (Just to clear up any misunderstanding that this may be a blog about a jet-setting teen, which I can tell you I would like to be but am not) This blog will mainly be about style and fashion, in particular men’s because that’s what I have an interest in and also there aren’t many ( that I know of) male teenagers blogging about style. So here I come to the rescue!!

I have quite wide ranging interests which can change quite quickly, but style, trends and fashion seem to be in my mind a lot so I thought that the best topic to blog about. I will stray though if some things are too important to ignore. I do like designer clothes, but not like Ralph Lauren because all they seem to do is reproduce what was there last season and not try to innovate or sell something new, and that also explains why I love designers such as Raf Simons, Paul Smith, Jun Takahashi and Comme Des Garcons. I also really love Ricardo Tisci, mainly because of the streetwear/sartorial mix he has created for menswear at Givenchy but he has been doing this for a couple of seasons now just with different motifs/animals, e.g  rottweilers,sharks,minotaurs, Jesus… that doesn’t mean to say I would buy the whole collection in a heartbeat if I had the money! :/

I am also going to be inclined to talk a bit on pop culture and mainly the trends that are current for teenagers and adults. (I’d be tempted to name some of the fads going on at the moment…ahem cough Hollister cough and double denim cough cough, but they’d all be out of everyone’s minds in a few month’s time) I try to wear what’s for me and not for others, though fashion can sometimes inform that, style is always better as a rule of thumb. I’ll try to post as many pictures of myself in credible outfits as I can and dress up more for the blog. I’ll mostly post photos of the clothes I like, and also the ones I like that I can’t afford (which will probably account for 90%)

Please comment and check out the blogs on my blog roll, after mroe than 4 years of reading blogs it was Ophelia Horton who made me do create my own



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